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Track genetics.

Automatic system to track genetics through various growth methods.
  • Innoculation
  • Transfers
  • Clones
When viewing a log you can see (and click on) an infinite number of generations in either direction.

Yield tracking.

Track harvest yields through an infinite number of yields/flushes. The system will automatically calculate the biological efficiency for each grow, moisture content (if the harvest is being dried).

Visually see on the chart as your average yield per day tails off through multiple harvests. It will even calculate the most efficient time to stop a grow (after the yield per day has peaked).

Scalable from small hobbiest mycologists all the way up to large commerical farms (where harvests are measured in tons).

Detailed notes.

Keep detailed notes for your grows that you can go back and reference at any time (including images). You can filter your list of logs by type, container, media as well as source.

Share logs.

You have the ability to optionally share your logs with others if you would like (read-only mode).

Log owners can change a log's visibility at any time.